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Book Review: YA Roundup

I’ve been a little behind my reading goal for the year, and one of the best ways to catch up is by reading YA. I recently tore through several – here are my thoughts:

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – I had actually downloaded this a couple years ago when it was available as one of the under $3 steals on iTunes. I let it sit in my virtual library forever because I thought it was going to be too juvenile for my liking. But then Netflix released their movie adaptation just as I was leaving for vacation. One day into vacay, I finished the book I’d brought and the rave reviews for the movie had already started pouring in. I figured it was the perfect time to read the book so I ran through it in about a day. It was slightly too cutesy (fair, since it was written for people less than half my age) but delightful, nonetheless. Having a story with Asian representation is important, just as showcasing families of mixed heritage is important, so I definitely appreciated that. Lara Jean is somewhat self conscious but knows herself. She has a keen sense of fashion, is beautifully nostalgic, and owns a fine set of morals without being high and mighty. And she’s someone who beat expresses herself through [private] writing – something I definitely relate to. Let’s put it this way, I enjoyed it enough that I watched the movie the very night I came home (and thought John Corbett was pretty much exactly how I pictured Lara Jean’s dad).

War Storm – While I really enjoyed the Red Queen series overall (see here for my review if book 3), this fourth and final installment was not my fave. I found it to be slow and essentially battle scene after battle scene. I like a good action moment, but it was the psychology part that hooked me in this book originally. I will give author Aveyard credit for giving the romance piece the ending it probably deserved (though I won’t tell you what that is because, spoilers).

The Towering Sky – I really enjoyed this series (see here and here for my review of the first books) because I was a Gossip Girl fanatic…and this is basically that, just 100 years in the future. The final book wrapped everything up nicely. If you enjoyed the series thus far, you’ll be happy.

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