Book Review: Kings Cage

I’m always bummed when I finish the final book in a trilogy of YA distopian fiction.  I need more!  Thankfully, this one – for the most part – avoided the issues that plagued many of the 3rd novels in similar series (ahem, Allegiant….).  Usually they start right in the middle of a ton of action and then peter off to the point that you wonder if the book was necessary.  This one, however, started off a little slow but then really picked up by page 250.  I know that seems like forever, but this is YA we’re talking about…you’ll read 250 pages quite quickly.  And when the book is just over 500 pages, that still leaves plenty of action.

kings cage1

In King’s Cage we find Mare as a prisoner to King Maven, the prince who toyed with her emotions and manipulated an entire country.  For six months she is locked in manacles that silence her unique lightning power and used as a pawn by every side of a war between silver and red, the powerful and the powerless.  Though she seems to waste away, she maintains the fire in her eyes, ready to fight.  Meanwhile, the Scarlet Guard is building their ranks and are preparing for an all-out war.

But wait!  This is not the final book in the series.  Um whaaaa?!  I thought this would be a trilogy like all the similar YA series I have read.  Now I have to wait til May of 2018 for what I believe will be the final installment.  The series hasn’t lost me yet, so I’ll wait another nine months to see it through.

3 out of 5 stars.  Biggest downgrade was because I didn’t love the Cameron chapters in this installment.  I understand why they were important to push the story along, but I never really connected with her as a character.

kings cage2