By Chloe

For a few years now, I’ve heard the food is so good at by Chloe. that you’ll forget it’s vegan. I was skeptical. It’s one thing to take away my meat, it’s a who other ballgame to take away my cheese. That said, I finally tried it and was pleasantly surprised.

When it came to entrees, Danielle and I both ordered the guac burger, likely their most popular menu item. It was super hearty and the guac was perfect. Does it taste like a meat burger? No. But it’s not supposed to. It tastes like a really great veggie burger – or, sandwich, as I would call it. (Unless it’s made with meat, it ain’t a burger.)

For sides, Danielle got fries (which I liked because they were soft – not for crispy fry fans) and I got the pesto pasta. I had to try something that isn’t normally vegan and see if they could make it taste good. Overall, I thought it was tasty with a creamy texture. The “parmesan” was really good, but the sauce could have had a bit less acid. The aioli for the fries, by the way, was great. Not sure how they made it taste like an actual mayo based sauce. I love that this is offered as a free condiment. Definite upgrade from the basic ketchup and mustard.

Overall, by Chloe. exceeded my expectations. The food was super tasty for having no meat and no dairy. I imagine actual vegans are thrilled to have a place like this. And I mean, how cute is it that they covered the bathroom dryers and soap dispensers in the same pattern as the wallpaper?!