3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

My parents came for a very quick visit over the weekend. They were only here for a quick 36 hours, but it was so nice to have them stay in our new home and show them around our new neighborhood. This week has been a bit boring in comparison, but that suits me just fine since we’ll be spending a fun weekend in Boston at a wedding.

Albert’s parents had never even seen photos of our apartment so we made sure to invite them over while my parents were here. We threw together a quick spread of meats and cheeses, crudités, and nuts that we enjoyed with champagne and chit chat before heading to dinner. This is the kind of entertaining I love – tasty but super easy to clean up!

While we originally intended to take our parents to dinner at a nicer, more subdued restaurant, the wait was much longer than expected so we went to Lolo’s instead. It turned out to be the best move – it was nice to show our parents one of our favorite neighborhood spots and the chill vibe was perfect and more our speed anyway. The food there is just so good – who doesn’t love a good seafood boil?!

When my mom told me she was baking zucchini pineapple bread, I begged her to bring me a loaf and she obliged. My mom is a much better baker than I am so are never yummy goodies like this unless she brings them. It’s been sustaining me all week!

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