3 on Thursday

This week has been extra calm, which I have to admit is really nice after a night out last Thursday and a whirlwind weekend away at a wedding in Boston. For the first time I can recall – ever – my beau and I are both home together for supper every night this week. What a treat!

The wedding this weekend brought together most of my beau’s high school crew. They’re still so close but we don’t get as much opportunity to all hang out together, especially with us living in NYC. How crazy to see that half the group is getting ready to have babies all around the same time…and then there’s me, still boozin it up haha. Also, the wedding was in a gorgeous location right on the pier at the seaport. The sunset was absolutely stunning – the couple’s photos will be gorgeous!

I took the opportunity to take a little walk around the neighborhood last week. With my job currently in flux, I’ve mostly been sitting around the house so as not to spend money. But on Thursday, the weather was perfect so I justified the cost of a cup of coffee and took a stroll. I really love our neighborhood and this walk just reminded me. While walking, I noticed some vintage cars that just looked like fun. Turns out they’re filming in the area – always something exciting going on!

Ever since moving, I’ve been buying coffee every single day. First it was because we were mid-move and the French press was packed away. Then I didn’t have any fresh ground coffee. And then I avoided buying the fresh ground beans because I really loved my daily chat with the folks at my local coffee shop. This week I decided it was time. I made my first home-brewed cup in a long time on Wednesday. While I still want to regularly stop by my favorite coffee shop, it was nice to enjoy a cup on my couch while working on the crossword and listening to the rain against the window. It was a lovely lil morning.