Book Review: Ghosted

Everyone got into this book super quickly. While I enjoyed it from the start, I didn’t get wrapped up in it til the halfway point. I think it took me longer because I thought this was supposed to be a thriller and but it didn’t have that vibe. Sure, you’re trying to get to the bottom of a mysterious situation, but I wouldn’t put this in the thriller genre. Once I realized it was more about the grief process (and how it affects everything around us) I was able to really sink my teeth into it.

Sarah lives in LA but returns to her small hometown in England for about a month each year. She’s approaching 40 and her 17 year marriage has run its course. She’s ok with that but doesn’t necessarily think a sweeping love is in the cards for her. That’s why meeting Eddie was monumental. They date for a mere seven days but are positive it’s true love. That’s why it’s monumental when Eddie suddenly drops off the face of the earth. When they both head out of town at the end of their weeklong love fest, he says he’ll call. But then he doesn’t. He doesn’t respond to her Facebook messages. Most people would chalk this up to a typical brush off, but Sarah knows this was more than a fling. Something must have happened.

Sarah drives herself crazy trying to figure out why Eddie ghosted her. Maybe he wasn’t the person she thought he was…or maybe it’s she who hadn’t been completely forthcoming.

4 out of 5 stars.