3 on Thursday

I’ve left the house more this week than in the last month – it’s a great feeling. While there were definitely some lows (a family friend passing, not getting a cool job, tweaking my back) I’m trying to remain the positive hustler I know I am.

I kicked off the weekend by meeting up with AONIV and Smitty for drinks nearby. It was fun to go to a chill happy hour and explore a new part of Harlem. Plus, Dinosaur BBQ is just a classic!

Steph and Gav just celebrated six years of marriage! They decided to mark the occasion by coming to NYC for the weekend. Unbelievably, instead of just hanging around the city themselves, they took the time to see all their New York friends. What a couple! I didn’t realize until we were planning our visit that it had been a reeeeeally long time since Steph and I had seen each other. Like a year and a half. For a friendship like ours, that’s painful. I’m so happy we were able to spend some time together in the most Steph/Tessle way possible: by drinking bottomless bellinis and wearing sunglasses indoors.

This week is Advertising Week in New York, a time for everyone in our industry to get together and talk about the latest and greatest in advertising and marketing. I’ve spent the last four days attending seminars about everything from technology to female CEOs to college football to Miss America to influencers. It has been extremely engaging and thought provoking. I didn’t put myself out there in the way of networking quite as much as I hoped, but it’s hard! The best part is that this whole MASSIVE thing was put on by my best friend. Matt is the CRO of the company that puts of Advertising Week and I am in awe of what he has accomplished. This whole thing is impressive. In addition to seminars, there have been cool parties and unique activations – all managed by him. I was lucky enough to be hooked up with a platinum badge so I just went to seminar after seminar. I learned a ton and – bonus – it got me out of the house all week.