Harlem Chocolate Factory

I actually discovered Harlem Chocolate Factory via Instagram, when I fell down a rabbit hole of neighborhood research. I’m really digging my heels into this new neighborhood of mine because I love it so, and I really like to support the local businesses. Harlem Chocolate Factory opened on Valentine’s Day, making them one of the newer additions, and I’m so happy they’ve found their way here.

This small shop is doing truly amazing things with chocolate. Whether it’s the bark, bon bons, or truffles, they’re highlighting flavors that evoke the spirit of various Harlem neighborhoods. Chile flavors represent Spanish Harlem and champagne reminds us of Strivers Row, which happens to sit across from the shop.

The chef was replenishing the case when we arrived so our selection was limited, but I was excited about all the flavors that remained.

There were only four types of truffles left – we chose three and got two of each. Left to right [below]: sweet potato pie, bourbon hazelnut, and banana pudding. Each was amazing. The banana pudding was my favorite. It was dreamy. For someone who loves the flavor of old school banana pudding but can only eat a bite or two, this was perfect. I also really liked the sweet potato pie because it was a flavor I’d never before seen in a chocolate – it tasted like Thanksgiving. The truffles are small but are very rich so they’re actually the perfect size.

These would make a wonderful gift, wouldn’t they?! There are so many unique flavor combos I have yet to try so I’ll most certainly be back.