Hammies with Cournichons

Kathleen turned me on to hammies. It’s basically deli ham rolled up with cream cheese. It can be made in advance and travels well so it’s perfect for potlucks. It’s also pretty retro. And you know I love me some 60s vibes.

I made a slight tweak to the standard recipe by adding cournichons. I’m a big fan of the sour tang the vinegar brings to the table. It’s a nice contrast to the naturally sweet ham.

Cournichons are tiny so cut the slices of deli ham in half lengthwise. Next, spread some cream cheese on the ham. It’s ok if the ham tears a bit – once you start rolling it’ll all be fine. Finally, place a lil baby cournichon on top and roll up.

They’re not the most gorgeous, but like many things, they can benefit greatly from a fancy toothpick. It’ll spruce it right up.

One great thing about these is that you can make as much or as little as you want at once. Just take out a few slices of ham and a few of these little pickles – simple as that. You’ll use the rest of the ingredients for lunch throughout the week, I’m sure. I made a small batch of them last night as a lil pre-supper appy and my beau gobbled them up. It’s rare that you can make an appetizer for a small group of two that doesn’t spoil the rest of the meal. Usually you have to prepare so much food to make an appetizer worth it – not with these hammies! For something so simple, I feel like I’m sellin em real hard. Whatever, I guess I just go ham on hammies.