Little Fires Everywhere

Shaker Heights is all about rules and regulations. Everything is black or white, right or wrong – it’s been that way for decades. Mrs. Richardson would know – her family has been there since the Ohio town’s inception.

Mia, who has lived a rather nomadic life with her daughter, Pearl, doesn’t exactly fit into the Shaker mold. But when she and Pearl move to town and start renting an apartment from the Richardsons, the families become intertwined. Pearl is the same age as the Richardson children and immediately bonds with them, spending nearly every moment together.

Mia tries to keep her distance, but her quiet defiance of the Shaker Heights way irks Mrs. Richardson. So Mrs. Richardson pries. She is quick to judge, but while she leaned a story, she stops shy of learning the motivation behind it, leading to one major misunderstanding.

I actually liked this novel better than Ng’s other book. Both were good and both were hyped, but this one really lived up to expectations. Rules and regulations are fine…until it comes to matters of the heart.

4 out of 5 stars.