Tunes: Some New Favorite Podcasts

It’s been a while since I did a podcast roundup and there’s been so much innovation in the space that I figured it’s time to give you an updated list of my favorites. (Previous podcast reviews here and here.) Ear Hustle is still HANDS DOWN my all-time fave and I still listen to Bitch Sesh and Hidden Brain, and Why’d You Push That Button religiously, but I’ve added some others to my roster. Just as before, I find that I can really only listen while running, so I gravitate towards podcasts that are under 45 minutes.

  • 2 Dope Queens: I started listening to this podcast after reading Phoebe Robinson’s book and began campaigning to become her best friend. I had a feeling if I loved her writing that much, I’d probably enjoy the podcast she co-hosts with Jessica Williams. They talk about everything from race to sex, and they’re straight up hilarious.
  • Dirty John: I never got into Serial or S Town but, thankfully, I jumped on this bandwagon. It’s a true crime series that follows the crazy story of John Meehan, who basically cons a woman named Debra Newell. It’s an interesting case because Debra is a confident, successful woman who you wouldn’t expect to be susceptible to John’s charms. You know from the get go that this one ends in murder, but it’s learning about John’s creepy past and how the whole thing escalated that’ll keep you hooked. I discovered it just in time – it’s going to be a scripted miniseries on Bravo, airing at the end of this month. I definitely recommend listening to it soon before it hits tv. (Side Note: the casting seems incredible and perfect.)
  • By The Book: Each episode of this one has hosts Jolenta and Kristen following the advice of a self help book to the letter. They cover books across all categories, including diet (“French Women Don’t Get Fat”), finance (“America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right On The Money”), relationships (“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”), and lifestyle (“Class with the Countess” by Real Housewife Luann deLesseps and “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”). It’s funny hearing them recount their struggles of abiding by the books’ [often silly] advice, especially when their husbands chime in.
  • Martinis and Murder: This is another one for the true crime fans. While most people love “My Favorite Murder,” I’m partial to this podcast. Each episode covers a major murder case that’s discussed while the hosts enjoy a lovely martini, the flavor of which is often themed to coordinate with the case.
  • Getting Curious: Like most of America, I fell in love with the new Queer Eye series and cast. At first I thought Jonathan Van Ness was a lot of…just, a lot. But as soon as I realized he wasn’t putting on an act and was being his most true and authentic self I thought he was just wonderful. When I learned that JVN hosted his own podcast, I had to check it out, knowing he’d bring his fresh dose of ADD-style realness to all sorts of topics. In each episode he talks to an expert about their field, whether that’s addiction or astronomy. It’s a fun way to learn a little bit about something new in a digestible way.
  • Lady Gang: I’m guessing you’re familiar with this one now that it’s an actual tv show on E! Network. To make the jump from podcast to tv is pretty impressive so you can imagine there’s some good stuff there. Basically it’s three girlfriends chatting about life with a fun celeb interview thrown in. Because all three girls are famous to varying degrees, it’s just more exciting when they recount their week at the top of the show. I also like that there’s an actual structure to the show, with recurring bits like “good week/bad week”.