Snickity Snack: Tuna Triscuit Treats

I’d like to introduce you to one of my earliest food experiments. Back when I was a wee lass my mom and I created what quickly became my favorite after school snack. I called them Tuna Triscuit Treats because I just loved alliteration back then. Still do. It’s simple: stack Triscuits with tuna fish (mixed with mayo), salsa, and cheese.


The trick is to not get fancy. Use the most basic jarred salsa and bagged shredded cheese. Don’t add anything crazy to your tuna – just mixing with mayo is perfect. I’m sure you could stick these under the broiler to melt the cheese, but it’s really not necessary. Simply put it in the microwave for up to a minute and a half, checking the progress at 30 second increments. Some of the cheese will fall off and melt into the plate. You’ll thank me for that later when you finish your treats and get to peel that cheesy goodness off the plate.


At age 33 I felt no need to gussy this up. Still using cheap ingredients. Still cooking in the microwave. Still delicious.