3 on Thursday

The switch has flipped: we are in full holiday mode and I and loving it. I’m trying to keep myself in check and but go overboard with the holiday treats, but we went to so many amazing restaurants over the weekend that resulted in lots of decadent leftovers so it’s been hard. My beau is traveling for work half this week so I’m taking the solo time to get myself back on track. No big plans for the weekend, but I’m excited to see where things go!

One of my favorite holiday activities is looking at the windows. I haven’t made it to Bergdorf’s yet (always the ultimate), but I checked out Saks and thought their displays (around the theme of theater) were the best they’ve done in years.

My parents were here for work last week and extended their trip through the weekend to hang out with us. It was such a treat getting to see them for Thanksgiving and then again just a few days later. As always, we packed a ton into a short amount of time, including a little adventure. My parents have heard us talk about Arthur Ave. for years and we finally got to show them what it’s all about. I think they loved it! I love that my parents are so up for anything – they have zero problem hopping on a train to discover a new neighborhood.

After my parents left, we decided it was time to get our housey in the holiday spirit. We strung some lights and picked up lots of seasonal plants from the Urban Garden Center. I love how festive it is!