Gifting: Decoded – The Fitness Fan

There’s still 3 nights left of Chanukah and I’m betting you’re a gift or two short. Whether you celebrate the Festival of Lights or get down with jolly St. Nick, I’m guessing you know a few gals who like to break a sweat. In the last two years or so, I’ve found myself getting into fitness. I am by no means a workout nut and it’s hard to get myself motivated to go to the gym, but once I’m there I really enjoy the feeling of working out. If you know anyone else who is a casual fan of fitness, this guide will help you find a gift they’re sure to love.

FYI – nothing on this list is more than $55

  1. Snacks. For those who workout after work, a late afternoon fuel-up is usually necessary. Setting them up with a month’s worth of portable snackies will be much appreciated. My favorites are Kind bars and Justin’s peanut butter pouches/snack packs.
  1. Workout class pack. My personal faves are 305 Fitness, Barry’s Bootcamp, Rumble, and Fhitting Room but there’s a boutique fitness class for every type of workout. (Soul Cycle, Y7, and SLT are other great options.) If a class pack feels too pricey, you can always buy a piece of activewear from their favorite studio because people who enjoy boutique fitness tend to be fanatics. (I know I love rocking my 305 gear to class.)
  1. Cosmetics bag. You would be the most helpful elf if you filled a cosmetics bag with travel sized items needed for getting changed at the gym. Include a mini hairbrush, deodorant, razor, and sample cosmetics from the Sephora check out line. Throw in some shower shoes to be a real hero. It’s so annoying to have to take out and replace this stuff every day. This way, all the items have a permanent home in her gym bag. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed on drinks with friends because I was going to the gym and didn’t have my stuff with me to get cute again after the workout. And then there are all those times I skipped a morning workout because I didn’t have a full bag packed and would need to go home to shower before heading to the office. I like this one from Dagne Dover, which has plenty of thoughtful compartments.
  1. Water bottle. It’s important to hydrate while working out and nobody wants to pay the premium on a bottle of water at the gym. For the gym, I need a flip top so I can drink while spinning. (Normal bottle mouths don’t work for me.) This water bottle is blue tooth enabled to keep track of your intake and even glows when it’s time for a hydration reminder.
  1. Ring Hero. I lust after almost everything Stephanie Gottleib designs. While her jewelry is above my price point, anyone can afford this little wrist pouch, which stores your valuable jewelry while you’re working out.
  1. Fun exercise mat. I don’t do yoga but a mat is also great for at home ab workouts. It’s easier to get through a workout when you look down and see a groovy pattern or fun phrase while you try to hold a plank. has several fun ones that would make all the other gym rats super jelly.