3 on Thursday

This is everyone’s last week of work before the holidays (the advertising industry shuts down here between Xmas and New Years) and you can feel it in the air. My week has been filled with last minute errands to get ready for the holidays, but thankfully my weekend is set to be relatively low key.

Last week we went to Rolf’s for maximum holiday cheer. Once you go there, it officially feels like the holidays. Our standard Rolf’s crew is starting to settle down, have babies, and move to the burbs so I’m extra happy we were able to squeeze in this annual celebration this year – I’m not sure we’ll be able to keep it going much longer.

I received the greatest gift this week! The star covered cube in this box unfolds to reveal photos, a note, and gourmet chocolate. As it says in the photo, someone wanted me to smile, and I definitely did. I’m so lucky to have such great friends who send such delightful pick-me-ups.

On Sunday, our building held the 15th annual holiday party. Everyone gathered, potluck style, in our lobby for some mingling and gift giving. We only just moved in over the summer, so it was great to meet some of our neighbors. This is just one example of why I love our building and neighborhood so much. It’s a true community – everyone truly wants to get to know each other. I brought a cake and (because I was worried the cake wouldn’t come out alright) also brought two types of sandwiches, Benedictine (cucumber) and pimento cheese. All our Yankee neighbors seemed very weirded out by the pimento cheese sandwiches. My mom said I gotta teach em Southern!