3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

The holidays were definitely not good to my belly – I can’t be the only one here, can I?! I went through this last year and managed to get myself back in shape by summertime so I think I can do it again. That means this week has been all about setting up a routine (after wrapping up the final holiday festivities, of course).

We rang in the new year at Shawn and Kathleen’s place and had a fabulous time. Before heading there, however, we had two friends over for a quick cocktail hour. I put together a pretty epic meat and cheese spread, we popped some bubbly, and listened to some classic music. It was nice to have a calm, sophisticated start to the evening before heading to a rowdier party – we definitely got the best of both worlds this New Years. It was also a good plan to coat our bellies with some food before heading to a party where we would just be drinking drinking drinking.

“Listen to more records” isn’t an official New Years resolution, but it’s definitely something I’m trying to do this year.

My first meal of 2019 was a giant plate of creamy pasta. I figure if I start the year with my favorite food, it’s bound to be a good year.

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