3 on Thursday

Today feels like Friday, which is normally a terrible feeling in a Thursday, but since I don’t have work tomorrow, it kinda is my Friday! And I’m just realizing there’s no work on Monday because of MLK Day so now I’m extra excited to have two short work weeks in a row!

I had kinda wanted to go out out on Friday but since nobody was around, it was just me and my beau, which still makes for a wonderful evening. We started the night at Ghost Donkey, the bar in the old Madame Geneva’s space. I used to love Madame Geneva’s (even did my bday there once, back in the day) so I was worried I’d be too nostalgic to enjoy Ghost Donkey. I am happy to report, this bar has stepped into Madame Geneva’s shoes and filled them quite nicely. FYI – the mezcal sunrisa is a delightful cocktail.

I just picked up some new CC cream (IT Cosmetics) this week and loved the surprise I found inside their packaging. Never underestimate the power of something tiny like this to evoke a smile.

I am so happy to report that I’ve got a job! It’s just freelance for the month as a maternity fill-in, but I love being back in a routine. Of course, that routine includes my lunchbox! My body is already responding positively to the regular morning workouts and lunches that are significantly healthier and eaten at the same time each day.