Mediterranean Tuna Rice Bowl

This meal was 100% a clean out the fridge supper. Would it be great with some avocado or feta cheese? Duh. Avocado and cheese are two ingredients that make anything better. But I didn’t have much to work with on a recent Tuesday evening so I relied on my spice cabinet to make this meal satisfying.

I started by cooking up some rice (I used a blend that included super nutty black, brown, and red rice). In the steam basket of the rice cooker, I added some frozen peas so they’d be cooked through by the time the rice was done. Note: I started the peas as the same time as the rice, which was a little long. They still tasted delicious, but they lost that gorgeous bright green color. If you make this, just put them in the steam basket towards the end of the rice’s cooking process. While those items are cooking, make your two salad toppings. First, mix tuna with mayo, lemon pepper, and dill. You may need salt, may not. Set aside. Next, make a salad by mixing a can of chickpeas (drained but not rinsed), one chopped cucumber, and those peas. Dress with sumac, a squeeze of dijon mustard, and salt. To assemble, top the rice with the tuna, the chickpea/pea/cucumber salad, and a drizzle of feta dressing (or simply feta and olive oil).

This is a super easy meal to throw together that’s he-he-healthy and packed with protein.

Yes, of course I’d have liked cheese and avocado – I didn’t even have much dressing because I ran out – but it turns out I didn’t need any rich ingredients. There’s so much flavor in spices like lemon pepper and dill and condiments like dijon. I made if for supper, but this would travel really well as a lunch for work…but in that case, maybe swap the tuna out for chicken. Nobody wants to be the person who brings tuna to the office.