3 on Thursday

This week started off a lil strangely because I was nice and hungover on Monday. I honestly don’t know how that happened. Who gets that crazy on a Sunday night?! I went over to a friend’s for a Rent viewing party and we just drank way too much wine. When the show was over after 11, we decided we simply had to have more showtunes in our lives and went downtown to Marie’s Crisis. Next thing you know, I’m walking into my apartment at 2:30 AM. Raging on a Sunday night is certainly not the norm for me (nor will it become the norm), but I think that spontaneity is what made it so much fun.

I discovered a table of book galleys at work and snagged some that were already on my TBR list. New books are always good…free new books are great. And those Kleenex? A coworker magically placed them on my desk. So thoughtful, especially in today’s miserably cold weather. (It was 3 DEGREES while I was getting dressed this morning ahhhh)

This week I tried one of Trader Joe’s new buzzy items: the cinnamon croissant loaf. It’s basically a loaf of bread made out of croissants. It’s already sliced so it’s easy to warm in the toaster for a warm, buttery breakfast.

I made quite the meal of leftovers last night. I topped a bed of rice with peppers and onions (from Taco Tuesday), black beans (always have a can lying around), roasted brussels sprouts (from Monday’s supper), sour cream and pico de gallo (also from Taco Tuesday), and, finally, a fried egg. It was easy and still had a ton of protein, even without any meat. It was one of those times when I felt like I made something out of nothing – and this was definitely something.