3 on Thursday

This week has been pretty standard. We lucked out with a gorgeously warm day that made me so happy, even though I knew it wouldn’t last – that’s what got me through the week, for sure. This past weekend was very low-key. A friend came over on Friday night so I didn’t have to leave the house but still felt social. I basically repeated that on Saturday, only this time it was I who went to the friend’s place. We even spent the Super Bowl at home. It was just 5 of us, tons of good food (that was a total breeze to clean up), and comfy clothes. I have decided that’s the BEST way to do the Super Bowl. I woke up to a completely clean house the next morning, which is the greatest feeling – it honestly put me in a good mood that traveled with me through this whole week.

Admiring the mosaic mural at my local subway stop.

Before hitting up a dance class, Amanda suggested we grab a drink to get a little loose. I was nervous about the class so I jumped at the offer. I was happy Amanda picked one of my fave spots, Bleeker Street Bar, and even happier that she wanted to Wolffer rosé, despite it being a less than seasonal drink.

The dance class we went to was at Studio B, Bandier’s fitness/dance studio. I have been following the brand and all its instructors for a while but never had the guts to take a class. I’m a fine dancer. I’m tall so a lot of my moves come off as frantic, but I enjoy myself. My biggest problem is remembering a full dance combination. Usually I can commit a string of four moves to memory and that’s it. I didn’t want to completely embarrass myself. I shocked myself when I managed to get the entire dance down. (!!!!) It took me every minute of the one hour class to figure it out, but I got it! I was very proud of myself and had a blast.