Vegetarian Mexican Bowl

I originally just posted this recipe on the Peaches to Apples instagram, but since I kept thinking about how much I enjoyed it, it must have earned itself a post. Let me preface this by saying I am not typically a vegetarian eater. The night I made it, my beau was out and I was too lazy to go out and get any sort of chicken or fish to finish off my dish. Already, this whole meal was made from leftovers and born out of laziness so I just made sure to incorporate some alternative proteins. When my beau came home and asked about my meal he asked “so there’s no meat? like at all?” – I surprised myself when I responded that there was not and I was actually super full and satisfied.

I made this meal on a Wednesday, which meant I had a lot of leftovers from Taco Tuesday. I grabbed some rice from the pantry and cooked it in the rice cooker while warming all the toppings. I started by warming a can of black beans (a pantry staple for me) with oregano, salt, and cayenne. Next, I reheated the saut├ęd peppers and onions I had leftover from the night before as well as some roasted brussels sprouts from Monday night’s supper. From the fridge, I grabbed pico de gallo, sour cream, and chipotle ranch (also Taco Tuesday leftovers). Finally, I fried an egg to go right on top.

Between the black beans and the egg, you’ve got lots of protein going on here. Plus, yolk porn always elevates a rice bowl. There are also tons of sauces happening so this bowl is anything but boring. Are brussels sprouts Mexican? Not really, but I liked the addition of a hearty vegetable here. My beau may still be confused as to why I was willing to eat a vegetarian supper, but this bowl made a believer out of me.