RH Rooftop

Spring has sprung! It’s still chilly at night, but it’s light out after work so the RH Rooftop with its lovely views but warm indoor space was ideal for an after work drink last week.

The RH Rooftop is Restoration Hardware’s new dining concept where a restaurant sits atop several showroom floors. You can look at the decor, but it’s less about shopping. It’s more like 4 floors of gorgeous lobby area on the way to the restaurant.

Chandeliers and tall trees make this a super glam spot. It’s that much more romantic as the sun goes down, those chandeliers are lit, and windows seem to fade away. It feels like the fanciest patio and what people try to create inside tents at weddings of late.

This spot only just opened in October so the outdoor area hasn’t been widely utilized. As a whole, it hasn’t been difficult to get in here, surprising given the Meatpacking locale and enviable outdoor space. I imagine that’s about to change. The one thing that will keep it from turning into a shit show is that it closes at 9 PM. That’s why I’m thinking it’s about to become THE place for avocado toast and rosé brunch.

Note: tomatoes are not usually served on the side, but Amanda is allergic and they were nice and accommodating

When it comes to food, the prices are high so you won’t want to feel like you wasted your money. The best things on the menu are apps anyway, so just stick to those. The crudités platter is absolutely gorgeous. We weren’t hungry and stuck to the burrata, which was tasty, as burrata always is.