Two Years

Wow wow wow – two years of marriage!  The start of our second year of marriage was marked by our move into our new home – our first real joint project.  It’s been a busy and wild year.  It’s also been a tough year.  We’re at a stage where life is changing: friends are moving away, others are having babies, careers are evolving, and we’re trying to figure how to slow down the partying a bit. Also, as two people who barely lived together before getting engaged (I wouldn’t live with someone unless marriage/immediate engagement was a virtual certainty – just my personal choice) we are adjusting to spending more time together.  It hasn’t been easy, and it’s definitely been tense at times.  That said, from day one we said we were in this adventure together so even in the tough moments I have fully loved our second year of marriage. 

Celebrating our anni at Hamilton

I enjoyed last year’s anniversary blog post so much that I’ve decided to do it again.  I’ve changed up most of the questions but the process remains the same: we answer separately – no peeking!

  • What is your favorite part of new housey?
    • Albert: I’d say it’s a tie between the outdoor patio + how close we are to fun places like Mess Hall, Harlem Hops, Harlem Tavern, Harlem Shambles…
    • Tess: I love so many things about our new place (that the layout makes it feel more like a house than an apartment, the proximity to good subways, the outdoor space with a grill), but I have to say the number one thing I love is having two bathrooms. It’s a game changer!
  • What was your favorite memory from the last year?
    • Albert: Getting to spend some time in Mayakoba (Mexico)
    • Tess: Two events really stuck with me: the first was our trip to Mexico. I was so proud of my beau for earning such a fabulous reward through work and felt totally relaxed at that gorgeous resort. The second was our housewarming party. I love a good costume party but was awestruck when two of my best friends surprised me by showing up from out of town.
  • Describe the best date you had in your second year of marriage.
    • Albert: Had to be the date nights we had on our May Boston trip and trying out new restaurants
    • Tess: Right after we moved into New Housey, we went to dinner on a Wednesday night at a local spot (Row House) – we were glowing with excitement from being in a new home and exploring a new neighborhood. A close second would be our trip to the Botanical Gardens for the train show with dueling pianos (though next time we’ll have to plan a dinner at an Arthur Avenue restaurant to make it a perfect evening).
  • What is your favorite home cooked meal?
    • Albert: Slow Cooker Beer Chicken Tacos!
    • Tess: Taco Tuesday is a legit tradition in our house that I look forward to every week. I also love cooking anything that Albert brings home from his weekly stop at our local butcher shop, Harlem Shambles.
  • When did you know the other person was the one?
    • Albert: When we went to brunch on our 3rd date and kept extending the time we had to hang out.
    • Tess: There was a moment or two when Albert and I were super comfortable enjoying similar pastimes (the first being reading in Central Park, the second being fun appointment viewing of How I Met Your Mother). I remember realizing that I didn’t mind sharing those experiences with someone and liked that it was effortless having him step into some of my routines. Also, when they read out Albert’s answers to the Newlywed Game-style questionnaire at my surprise bridal shower, I was shocked at how well he understood me and that he noticed the littlest things. Obviously, we were getting married at that point, but it was the ultimate reassurance that he was The One.