Gifting: Decoded…2nd Wedding Anniversary

Last year, I really leaned into the whole traditional anniversary thing. I was very happy with the result so I decided to keep it up for the foreseeable future. The Year 2 gift is typically cotton so I decided to give my beau a custom shirt. When it comes to custom suiting/tailoring, we gotta guy (spoken in Italian mafia accent), but I was looking for a full experience, not a cluttered tailoring shop. Plus, since I wasn’t looking to gift a suit (which wouldn’t be cotton), I didn’t feel the need to go to our “guy.” My search for a luxe experience led me to Alton Lane. There, you can get all sorts of men’s clothing custom made (after getting your measurements with a high tech machine).

While I liked that the space was large, clean, and modern, what sold me was the design bar. While you choose the fabrics/style of your clothing, you can enjoy your favorite cocktail. (See what they did there? Design bar/design bar?) Thanks to the design bar, we didn’t feel rushed – it felt like a full experience.

There are two NYC locations (and a few other outposts around the country), but I chose to go to the Flatiron one because it’s close to Eataly, one of our all-time favorite places. We’ve spent every anniversary there (even before our marriage, when it was a dating anniversary) and I thought this year should be no exception.

In case you don’t like the custom shirt idea or find it to be too pricey, here are my Top 3 other cotton-based ideas. Just how the Alton Lane thing is an experience, all these gifts incorporate some sort of activity because, in the end, I think anniversaries are best celebrated together:

  • Custom embroidered his-and-hers aprons + a cooking class that you can take together
  • A super cozy robe + spa day/treatments
  • New sheets + lingerie…you lil naughty naughty