Beer Brats

On a recent trip to the butcher, my beau brought home some brats. I’ve actually never cooked brats myself but know that the best brats are beer brats. I didn’t feel like going outside to use the grill but can now report that it’s super easy without one – maybe easier since you’re already using the stovetop for the first half of this recipe anyway.

Put the brats in a pot with a sliced onion. Cover them with your beer of choice and boil til they’re cooked. Next, “grill” the brats in a castiron skillet until the sides are browned. Serve them atop the bed of beer onions (that you’ve drained).

These actually have a legit beer flavor. I used a light summer beer, and that flavor totally came through. It was an easy way to throw supper together. And way way better than hot dogs.