3 on Thursday

The weekend was busy with two – count em, two – weddings. This weekend will be busy but in a totally different way with Passover and Easter colliding.

One of my coworkers is Australian and his Mom sent him a package of cookies called Tim Tams. I’d never heard of them before, but apparently they’re an Aussie fave. Now that I’ve tried them, I get the appeal. They were the perfect snack during our in-office team happy hour.

I was worried we wouldn’t be able to do it, but we managed to binge the entire Game of Thrones series before the 8th and final season premiered on Sunday. Now that I’m all caught up, I’m able to join all that fun water cooler conversation and participate in the office’s death pool. (My picks, with some of the delish coffee from the spot below our office.)

I won a book giveaway on Goodreads! Not only is it fun to win something, this book has been high on my list. I can’t wait to get reading.