Book Review: Daisy Jones and The Six

This entire book is written as a transcript of a Rolling Stone-esque interview. It’s a unique format, but one that still manages to bring out individual character traits and evoke a 70s rock and roll vibe. Think of it as an epic Behind the Music of one of the most successful [fictional] bands in history.

The story starts as two separate ones: there’s Daisy Jones, a rich girl from California who basically left home to exist in the rock/club scene without her parents even realizing she was gone. People are drawn to her. She wore whatever she wanted, took all the drugs she could find, and said whatever came to mind. If it were anyone else, you would care, but Daisy had something. And behind the partying, there was a singer/songwriter that needed to be heard. Then there’s The Six. The band is steadily rising in fame under the leadership of lead singer Billy Dunne. He is stubborn but talented and as long as he can keep his partying in check, he could maybe have it all. When Daisy Jones joins forces with The Six, they explode. They are icons and this story shows just how an icon is made.

PS – This book just came out in March but Reese Witherspoon bought the rights back in July (I think) and will be turning it into a movie/miniseries.

5 out of 5 stars.