I wanted to jump on the Taiyaki bandwagon because the fish shaped ice cream cones are insta-famous. Yes yes I’m that girl. And now that I work about three blocks away, I had no excuse.

They had several flavor/topping combos already set, but for the same $8 price you can build your own so that’s what I did. I started with a red bean paste cone (vs. custard filled), added matcha/black sesame swirl, and topped with cotton candy sprinkles and a skewer of mochi.

I wasn’t in love with the ice cream quality. Flavor was good, but it was a bit airier than I like. The cone, however, was great. It was like a waffle. And while I expected a thin layer of red bean paste all around the inside, I loved finding that it was more like a thick blob of it at the bottom like a surprise. I felt like I got my due. Also, the cotton candy sprinkles legitimately tasted better than normal sprinkles.

I’m not a huge ice cream person in general so it has to be reeeeally good for me to like it. This was just fine, but dang if it isn’t photogenic.