The Rose

We arrived in LA on the late side so our first food stop was In-n-Out, naturally, but by the next morning we were ready to find some good LA grub. We had our sights set on a late, filling lunch so our objective was coffee and light food. I did some research on best brunches in Venice and found my way to The Rose.

The concept seemed cool: it’s a large space with several pockets. It’s got a coffee bar, a full restaurant, a cocktail bar, and a patio. Basically, you could stay there all day. We were just there for breakfast, but I could see several people had set up camp to take advantage of the lovely hanging plants and sunlight streaming in.

We both got coffee (iced latte for my beau, lavender honey latte for moi). Albert ordered some fruit that I got to share because he doesn’t care for blackberries and I love them. It was actually a solid fruit bowl.

I never get sweet stuff for breakfast but for some reason the churro doughnut in the pastry case just called to me. It was basically a churro just formed in a circle, but it had these little beads on top and the lightest caramelized glaze. Not a normal order for me, but it was actually great.

My beau ordered a breakfast sandwich but this one was made with a fried egg instead of scrambled. And ohhhh the yolk porn. Also,, the bacon was served up as an incredibly thick slab. Meaty bacon is the best bacon. It wasn’t your average BEC.

This wasn’t a cheap breakast – our tab came to about $45…for breakfast. But it was very tasty. The items on the menu are expected in LA (bacon egg and cheese, avocado toast, etc.) but they’ve taken these standard items and done them really well.