One thing that sold me on our Airbnb was that the description said that it was located in an up-and-coming part of Venice on Lincoln, right next to Superba. I didn’t know what they meant by up-and-coming, but I did know that Superba was supposed to be a great spot for trendy LA millennials with their avocado toast and homemade pop tarts.

On Saturday I had booked a class at Barry’s, which happened to be just down the road. The class was at 9:30 so I got to Superba around 8:15 to fuel up before the class. I started with a coffee and admired both the pottery and the fresh air coming through the open side of the building.

That avocado toast did look good, but I decided to go with the breakfast burrito because it felt extra Cali. Not only are breakfast burritos a big LA thing, but this felt like a super California version since it was filled with quinoa instead of rice and refried lentils instead of beans. The flavor was great and I actually loved the rice replacement – I wasn’t weighed down at Barry’s. Only think i didn’t love was that each half contained a full egg-sized potato. I would have preferred the potatoes cubes and more integrated into the filling.

I couldn’t leave without getting some pastries. It is called Superba Food + Bread, after all. I decided to pick up a few items for the brunch we had later that morning because I couldn’t possibly show up empty handed and they just looked so good. I got two of their handmade cherry poptarts, a slice of peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread, and two reuben croissants. Apparently they were great because the plate was cleaned before I got to really try anything. I snagged a leftover straggler of a piece of croissant and can confirm it was delicious. It was a muffin-shaped croissant filled with creamy gruyere and corned beef (or maybe pastrami). Unique, delicious, and not overkill. The other two items were gone in a blink of an eye and I kept hearing people talk about the pop tarts, so I’m guessing they were the fave of the group.

Superba was pretty much what I expected and hoped. Chill vibes, good brunch, great pastries.