NYC was late to the Miznon game. That’s not something you hear often when it comes to the New York food scene. The restaurant first opened in Tel Aviv and then took Europe by storm. I kept hearing it come up as a “must try” restaurant when friends were building their Paris vacay to-do lists. When people start prompting you to go to an Israeli restaurant instead of crêperies, you know these guys are doing something right. The concept: elevated Israeli street foot, translated for the host country. I actually don’t want to say elevated because it’s served street style – no real plates. We ordered a lot of food – arguably too much – but I don’t regret it because it was all soooo good.

The first thing out of our mouths was “an order of the whole roasted baby cauliflower, obviously.” It’s famous. Based on their Insta story, it seems relatively simple to make. It’s boiled then roasted. It’s barely seasoned. And yet…it’s perfect. It’s plopped on your table in some parchment paper and it’s so soft that you can just attack it with your fork – no knife needed. It’s so simple but so great. I know some people hat cauliflower, but if you like it at all, this is $9.50 you should spend.

Appetizer number two was the “mezze to begin with” (za’atar pita served with 3 spicy sauces & Ronnybroook’s sour cream/tahini). Sour cream + tahini is a genius combo and we both wondered why we hadn’t thought of it. Also, za’atar should probably be dusted on all pita moving forward. If you’re someone who likes to order hummus as a start to a standard meal, you’ll enjoy this.

Next we got another fan fave: the run over potato. The potato itself was so creamy. They somehow know the exact perfect amount of time to roast it so it’s cooked enough to be easily smooshed but not dry and crumbly. It’s mashed with herby sour cream and served between sheets of wax paper on a tray. Again, it’s so simple but so perfect. Also, check out the highlight on their Insta page to get the story behind this dish because it’s super interesting and involves a murder.

For her main, Jourdan got the folded cheeseburger in a pita (white cheddar, garlic aioli, sour cream, tomato, pickles). When it comes to ingredients, it’s similar to a normal cheeseburger, but it’s the preparation that makes it unique. Basically, one half of the large, round beef patty is covered with shredded cheese and then it’s folded over like a quesadilla and grilled on a flat top. This gives you a good medium rare on the patty (super tough to achieve on a flattop) and some of the cheese oozes out to get nice and crispy and look like a mohawk. Jourdan said it was like a cheeseburger but so much better.

I got the rotisserie broken chicken (tahini, spicy, scallions). This dish had the spices of shwarma but the juiciness of rotisserie chicken. And it has the skin from rotisserie chicken, which is obviously the best part. Best of both worlds. And the pita was so soft!

Even with all the food we ordered, there are a couple I still want to try. I’m looking forward to going back so I can get the queen malika schnitzl with “burning heart of potato cream”. And since they’re getting their liquor license soon, this may just become my new favorite party spot. Flavor party!