3 on Thursday

I was so happy to have my parents in town over the weekend! It was a quick trip, but we managed to attend a food fest and broadway show without feeling like we were running around too much. We stayed local most of the weekend, and it was really nice to relax. My beau ended up getting back to town earlier than expected so he actually got to see my parents for about an hour – a nice treat. After they left town, I hit up a gym class, prepared a nice Sunday supper, and watched the series finale of Game of Thrones. Albert is busy with lots of work events this week, but I don’t have anything on the schedule so I intend to chill and get myself excited for the long Memorial Day weekend we have coming up.

On Saturday we went to the Harlem EatUp Festival. We weren’t going to pay the $85 per person ticket to get all the amazing food and drinks on offer, but the free admission, pay-as-you go section of the event was still wonderful. I also loved supporting the community that I now call home. The annual event is held in Morningside Park, which has a lovely little turtle pond where my Dad and I snapped this pic.

Street art usually improves my mood, and I stumbled across this piece at the perfect time after having just left a memorial service for a dear aunt.

I had a meeting in Brooklyn on Tuesday and it happened to be a spectacular spring day, which made the already gorgeous Dumbo neighborhood even more so. My meeting was right on the waterfront and I was reminded of how moody I get when I’m not by a river – seeing a body of water was totally restorative.