Nish Nush

Everyone at work had been raving about Nish Nush and their falafel pita so when I overheard a couple coworkers heading there to grab lunch, I literally jumped out of my seat to tag along.

Stuffed grape leaves were noted as new to the menu and I had to try. When stuffed grape leaves are made well, it’s a fave snack. Not only were the grape leaves themselves great, they were topped with tahini and caramelized onions. I don’t like when people put raisins in the rice mixture of stuffed grape leaves, but these onions offered a sweetness I could get behind.

I got the deluxe because, well, that’s what everyone else was ordering and I desperately wanted to be one of the cool kids. Getting the deluxe means you get to try all three flavors of falafel (classic, spicy, and spinach). I was surprised to find that you could actually taste the difference in flavors. There’s also a few extra veggies thrown in there that really add to the flavor so I’d recommend going with deluxe any day of the week. The sandwich was huge but stuffed in a way that I actually got both falafel and toppings in every bite. It wasn’t a situation where you tear through the saucy salad mix at the top only to reach dry falafel. It was combined perfectly. You may not believe me, but there’s a true art to that. Eating a sandwich (especially a pita sandwich) where every bit is a perfect bite also makes you forget that this is entirely vegetarian. You are fully satisfied. There are a couple add-ons I wanted to try (cauliflower, sumac onions, labneh, feta) but I don’t know how I’d be able to fit any more in there. Perhaps next time I’ll try to squeeze some in.

My first impression is that it was all very fresh. You can tell everything had been prepared that day. It’s why I think I may just like it better than Taim (which is a bold statement among NYC falafel eaters).