3 on Thursday

I could fill the next ten “3 on Thursday” posts with photos from this past weekend when Allison and Brooks came to visit, but I’m going to refrain. Instead, I’ve chosen just one and will move onto other things because, otherwise, I’ll just sit here missing them.

Pretty much since he was born, I’ve been dreaming of the time when my nephew would be able to come to NYC to visit his Aunt Tessy. The day finally arrived! We stayed super busy the whole weekend. We started with ice cream, playground, and pizza on Friday evening. Then it was Pip’s Island, another playground, double decker bus, bookstore, breakfast for dinner, and more ice cream on Saturday. And since they didn’t leave til Monday morning, we had all day Sunday to go to the Intrepid and a broadway show. It was amazing watching him watch all of New York, taking it all in. Though, with all the incredible things we did, I think his absolute favorite was probably the easiest, cheapest activity: the subway. Another great part about his visit is that it meant I got to spend lots of time with Allison. Normally she’s seeing so many people and so busy that it was nice to have so much time alone with her.

On Monday I went to a podcast taping for Dani Shapiro’s podcast, Family Secrets. I very recently read her book and had discussed it with my friend Blair, so she knew I’d be interested in an event like this. She was joined on stage by fellow author, Nora McInerny, who has a fabulous podcast of her own called Terrible, Thanks for Asking. I enjoyed her brand of humor so much that I bought her new book at the end of the event. I just started it and love it.

I bought myself some beautiful sunflowers on Tuesday and I have been happy the moment I walk through the door every day since.