The poke craze has peaked and is finally dying down. Of the hundreds of restaurants that opened a few years ago, only a handful remain. But that means the ones left standing [for the most part] are the really good ones.

From the beginning, I heard great things about Chikarashi. It was one of the first to open and everyone said it was the best. They have several pre-designed options, but you can add things if you like. I always prefer tuna to salmon so I went with the goya shoyu bowl (bluefin tuna, shoyu sauce, chili oil, nori, hijiki, avocado, and garlic chips) because it seemed simple enough and would show off the fish. I got the large because when poke is good (as I hoped this would be), I always want more. I added tobiko and wasabi mayo. I had been deciding between a shoyu style bowl and a wasabi mayo one, and I’m pretty sure shoyu with sauce on the side is the right way to go. Overall, this was some pretty wonderful poke. The tuna was great and flavors on point. I could have done with fewer garlic chips, but that’s my only complaint. It was also very expensive. It was a solid $5 more than my regular spot (Sons of Thunder), but you’re not compromising quality here.

I am still loyal to Sons of Thunder and think they’re by far the best, but Chikarashi has become my second fave. I would love to try the hamachi or uni special next. Thankfully, the Chinatown location is right across from my office so I’m guessing I’ll be there often (when I can justify a $24 lunch).