Linguine with Corn, Mushrooms, and Leeks

It’s possible to have a summer pasta without eating pasta salad. Exhibit A: this linguine with summery veggies. It was served hot and with cream…yet it didn’t come off as a winter dish.

Start by sautéing sliced mushrooms in butter. When they’ve softened most of the way, add sliced leeks. Once everything is soft and smelling delightful, add a bunch of corn. I used frozen, roasted corn, but super fresh sweet corn would also work, as would grilled corn. I added salt, a bit of heavy cream, and parmesan to the pan to make a light sauce and then tossed it with linguine. I used fresh basil linguine that we got from the Italian market, but you can use regular and maybe add a bit of lemon and basil when you make this. That herby flavor also helps take it to summer zone.

I seriously loved this pasta. We should put corn in pasta more often. Mushrooms, sure sure. We all know those are great in pasta. But corn?! Hey now! And with those leeks – perfection.

FYI: I topped mine with some scallops because I’m fancy like dat.