Short Stories

I’m not much of a pink person, but I love anything that really commits – and I really love the opportunity to feel a bit glam, especially on my birthday. I didn’t really want to plan anything for my birthday this year. It fell on a Friday so I left work early and strolled around downtown. My plan was to just see where the evening took me with one birthday goal: try a new bar since discovering places is a favorite little hobby. I landed on Short Stories, a new spot on the Bowery.

This bar is narrow and very pink. There are also tons of plants behind the bar, velvet seating, gold accents, and some amazing statement tile. It’s Instagram heaven.

They also make a dang good cocktail. There’s a whole section of the menu devoted to lemonades that you can turn up with some vodka. These are fun lemonades with ingredients like hibiscus and herbs. We didn’t have any food (seemed like more of a brunch spot), but it looks like they feature items that, like the decor, would do well on the ‘gram. Things like soufflĂ© pancakes corn fritter stacks. If they devote as much attention to the food as the do to the drinks, it’s probably quite tasty.

When I think of bars in this area, the ones that come to mind are Phebes, Bowery Electric, and B Bar. AKA places I spent too much time in my early 20s. Short Stories is where you go when you grow out of those spots and want someplace that’s pretty, elevated, and yes, still a bit basic.