3 on Thursday

So much rain. All the time. There’s no end in sight, so I should be very thankful this past weekend gave us some lovely weather. This weekend I was supposed to be in DC but had to postpone my trip. Since I wasn’t planning to be here, I don’t have much scheduled and am excited to see where the weekend takes me.

About two years ago, my Mom admired my Aunt’s flats and learned they were Rothy’s, a sustainable brand made from recycled plastic bottles. Eventually she caved and bought a pair for herself (at well above her standard shoe price point) and became obsessed. For my birthday, she gifted me a pair, knowing they would be something I’d like but wouldn’t buy for myself. I am now also obsessed. Not only are they super cute, they are HANDS DOWN the most comfortable flats I have ever worn. I, too, am now obsessed.

The West Village is essentially Pride HQ during the month of June. I really liked this activation updating Gay Street to reflect all points of the gender/sexuality spectrum. I love seeing brands lean into causes like this but hope they are also doing something real in support as well. It’s great to have a rainbow window display, but if that simply drives sales for a company that then doesn’t donate as a way to put their money where their mouth is, I wonder if they could do more. Either way, this is a smart execution, and it made me happy to walk through this part of town.

My company is Swedish so celebrating Midsummer is a big deal. Today we’re having a little party, and I picked up a ton of candy from Sokerbit. I just love that store!