Book Review: No Happy Endings

I’m going to preface this review in a similar way the author prefaces it (and her life, to a degree). In a span of six weeks, Nora McInerny suffered a miscarriage, lost her father suddenly to cancer, and lost her husband not-so-suddenly to a different cancer. But this book is fun!

Actually, it is fun. In it, McInerny talks about losing her husband and building a new, amazing, blended family a year later. She has gone through some shit (as covered in her previous books and hit podcast, Terrible, Thanks for Asking) but now she’s in the next leg of her life’s journey. It’s a good leg, a happy leg…but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. McInerny describes what it’s like to be extraordinarily happy but also, yea, sad. And THAT’S OK.

I’m really into McInerny’s brand of humor and general outlook on life. I can’t believe I’m saying this about a book that was born from death, but I was smiling through every single page.

5 out of 5 stars.