Book Review: A Nearly Normal Family

The Sandell family is completely ordinary…until they’re not.

Stella has just turned 18 and, while sometimes a bit erratic, is overall responsible. That’s why it’s shocking when a 34 year old businessman turns up brutally murdered and Stella may be to blame. We soon learn maybe Stella is a bit troubled. Could she be to blame? Should her parents save her even if she is? Should they have done things differently long ago?

Told in three parts (POVs from the father, daughter, and mother – in that order), A Nearly Normal Family emphasizes the pains we all go through to feel – and be recognized as – normal. In the eyes of our parents, our town, our friends, and our significant others. But sometimes we just want to rebel in order to feel something. When that rebellion goes awry, we learn just how we’ll go to protect those people we love.

4 out of 5 stars.