Pimento Cheese and Honey Ale Mustard Burgers

At the Harlem Eatup festival, my Mom decided to buy me some of the Mama’s One Sauce that we tasted because we all enjoyed it so much. After we bought some burger patties from the butcher, a recipe started forming. I was going to make a burger. A totally extra burger. This burger ain’t playin around.

First, brush some of the Mama’s One Sauce onto each of the burger patties and grill away. (Note: our plan was to grill but after showering post-gym, my beau no longer wanted to get smoke all up in his clean self. Instead, I cooked them up in a cast iron and they still came out great. Not as pretty, but great.) Now for the toppings. Three things went on these burgers: pimento cheese, Trader Joe’s new honey ale mustard (spread on the buns), and lettuce. Tomato would be good, but I forgot to buy it and, frankly, I don’t care all that much about tomatoes.

I’m not giving you my pimento cheese recipe, but I make mine kinda spicy, which worked really well with the sweet marinade, which by the way is great. For this recipe, I used the mild version. It would be great on chicken and I could see myself replicating this entire recipe using that as the base. Also, fun fact: this sauce, sold at the Harlem Whole Foods (and online) contributes a portion of the proceeds to an arts foundation. As someone who would buy all of Paul Newman’s salad dressings simply for the philanthropy, this is right up my alley.

All of these elements worked well together, honestly. This is a solid combo of ingredients. I feel like I should submit to some sort of burger bash. Ok, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. But I did think these burgers were delicious and made me finally feel like summer has arrived. Because nothing says summer like burgers on the grill* and potato salad.

*or in this case cast iron skillet