Chorizo & Cauliflower Tacos

I hate wasting food so when I had the teensiest bit of roasted cauliflower leftover from Monday, I just added it into my tacos on Tuesday. Turns out, it’s a great combo. So great, that this week I decided to do it for real this week.

Combining steamed cauliflower with drained chorizo
Final mixture – I would even chop some of that cauliflower even smaller next time

Start by very lightly steaming cauliflower – do not let this get anywhere close to mushy. The whole point is that it offers a different texture from the meat. Chop it up into small chunks and then start browning 2 links of crumbled chorizo. When the chorizo is most of the way done, drain it on a paper towel, return it to the pan, and add in the cauliflower. This will get the chorizo all covered in those chorizo spices. From there, top with your favorite fixins. I like a lime crema, crumbled queso blanco, and avocado. Maybe throw some cabbage in there. Enjoy it in a nicely charred corn tortilla.

Just as I suspected, this is a great combo. Also, it’s a bit healthier since you’re replacing half the fatty chorizo with super healthy steamed cauliflower. I’m not saying this is a healthy meal, but cutting your chorizo intake in half can’t be bad for you. Even my beau, who always errs on the side of more meat, really enjoyed these.