3 on Thursday

There was no 3 on Thursday last week because I was swamped during my first ever business trip! When I got back from my cross-country travels, I dove right into a fun weekend with Liz who came to visit. Now I’m ready to just chill. I have a couple plans this weekend (dinner with Amanda tomorrow, grilling at Matt and Karina’s on Saturday), but I’m making sure to stay local and low key.

I’ve started buying decor for the apartment again. Just a little thing here and there. Slowly but surely the place is really coming together. My latest find is this table runner that I snagged for $18. I love how it picks up the green we’ve been using throughout that room.

I always seem to stay on the west side when I go to LA so Hollywood was a new area for me. I took the opportunity to hit up Runyon Canyon. I always see photos and the world seems to hike there so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I thought it was all windy paved roads, like the one I see the Housewives taking while walking their dogs and talking about each other behind their backs. That’s definitely a thing, but if you veer to the side, onto the dirt road, you can actually legit hike up the whole canyon. I went all the way to the very top and it was quite the workout. I felt accomplished and loved the opportunity to do an alternative style workout.

I decided to sleep in on Monday and skip my workout, which meant it was a good opportunity for me to go back to Harlem Run club after a long hiatus. If I’m being totally honest, when it came time to leave work, I really didn’t want to go I got some less-than-great news from a doctor in the morning and really wasn’t up to it. But I forced myself to go. It turned out to be the best move. For a full hour, I completely forgot about my worries. My only worry became the beast of a hill on 141st. This group is so nice and encouraging, as was literally every person we ran past on the streets. Strangers just hanging out on Harlem stoops would cheer us on.