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Healthier Wedge Salad

When my beau came home with “salad ingredients” I was saddened to see that the lettuce he bought was a head of iceberg lettuce, aka: zero nutritional value. You might as well not bother with a vegetable at all. But then I remembered the one good thing about iceberg lettuce: the wedge salad.

Here’s the thing: I came up with a good recipe, prepped all the ingredients, and just when I went to cut the head of iceberg into wedges realized he had not actually bought lettuce and I was looking a head of cabbage. Not. The. Same. Cabbage is just way too tough to eat like lettuce in this way. I still assembled everything as I would have and could tell that if I had iceberg, this would be a slam dunk. So I still recommend making this as detailed…just make sure to teach your husband the difference between cabbage and lettuce first.

I had no bacon in the house and I wasn’t feelin like tomatoes so I switched things up a bit. Also, bacon isn’t the healthiest so I decided to lighten up this salad overall. I sautéed up some onions so their sweetness would get nice and sweet. And warm, thereby replacing the bacon. And for a sweet crunch with some color, we had chopped bell pepper. Finally, for the dressing, I lightened up blue cheese a bit. Mix blue cheese with greek yogurt and mayo. Add lemon juice, just about any type of vinegar (I used cider vinegar), garlic powder, and white pepper. Cut a head of iceberg into wedges, sprinkle the onions and bell pepper all around, and drizzle the whole platter with your blue cheese dressing.

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