Merguez over Israeli Couscous with Yogurt Sauce

My beau’s recent pick at the butcher: merguez. I posted about this dish in a recent “3 on Thursday,” but it was so simple and delicious that I figured it was worth a whole post.

While merguez cooks on the grill (like a hot dog but for longer because it’s raw), prep everything else. I cooked Israeli couscous in the rice cooker with a head of broccoli florets steaming in the steam basket on top. For fun flavor: toss the couscous with crumbled feta, cracked pepper, and pine nuts. To serve, top the couscous with merguez and add a healthy dollop of Greek yogurt that you’ve mixed with dill and chopped, seeded cucumber. (Lemon and garlic are great flavors to include in this dish if you’ve got em handy, fyi.) Not the prettiest dish/plating (which is why I didn’t share originally), but super tasty and easy to whip up.