3 on Thursday

This was the last chill weekend for a while so I intentionally did just that: CHILLED. It was glorious. My beau returned from his work trip Friday evening so we stayed in, ordered pizza, drank wine, and watched good tv. The only planned activity was a super low key cookout at our place on Saturday. It didn’t get started til 4 and I prepared virtually nothing. I simply made sure the apartment was tidy and then went about my day as usual. It was the easiest “event” I’ve ever done and the lack of stress made it even more enjoyable. On Sunday, Albert decided to take a last minute trip to CT. While I wish I got to see everyone, I really didn’t want to be running around and tired going into the work week so I stayed home. I never left the apartment and enjoyed hours of leftovers, television, and reading. With tons of events and travel coming up, this weekend was exactly what I needed.

I put up the frames for this gallery wall in our bedroom a year ago. I knew I wanted to fill them with black and white photos I took myself and only just got around to filling them. I love how the project turned out! I love every time we get something new for the walls and it feels that much more “together” and homey.

A good beach read and glass of wine. Summer. Sigh.

I decided to treat myself to what is probably the most expensive lunch I’ve ever gotten at work. A poke bowl with uni. It was totally unnecessary, but it was also so good. This is the kind of simple pleasure that sorta made my work week enjoyable.