Sweet & Sour

Sweet: I threw together a meal on Wednesday that felt extra fancy, but it happened to come together in 20 minutes with no planning. We had salmon topped with tzaziki (leftover from Monday’s takeout), asparagus (frozen from Trader Joe’s that microwaves in 3 minutes but somehow tastes freshly grilled) topped with broccoli kale sauce and fresh parm, and Trader Joe’s frozen cauliflower gnocchi topped with truffle oil and fresh parm. Basically, it was a meal of leftover sauces and freezer finds. Suppers never fall into place so easily – at least not ones like this!

Sour: We had a new cleaner come this week and I was soooo excited to come home to a clean house…except they forgot to clean the kitchen and an entire bathroom. I’m not exaggerating to imply they did a poor job. They literally did not walk into one of the bathrooms. I received a $20 discount on the next cleaning (though, truthfully, those two rooms make up way more than $20 worth of the apartment) and now have to do extra cleaning myself. Very frustrating.