Stokes Poké (and Finn’s Manor)

After our brewery tour, Mark had ideas of where we should grab a quick bite…but we didn’t make it more than 30 feet towards our destination before spotting a new spot and scrapping our original plan.

Finn’s Manor is in the Rino district of Denver and kinda felt like it embodied the neighborhood. At it’s core, it’s a cocktail bar. However, the outdoor space brings other vendors into the fold. Amid picnic tables and neon painted wooden slats, there are several food trucks and picnic tables – Finn’s Manor even has their own pod because why would you go inside for a craft cocktail if you don’t have to?!

Albie and Mark grabbed tacos from a Mexican truck, while Allison and I got poké from the Stokes Poké truck. The tacos (sorry, forgot the truck’s name) were great with a nice sear on the shrimp and the ideal amount of onion/cilantro/toppings.

I really enjoyed the poké. I got the spicy tuna with a drizzle of shoyu sauce. I think I asked for every single topping other than mango. The texture of the tuna was absolutely perfect. Great quality. And how bout that beautiful flower?! I know it shouldn’t matter since it doesn’t do anything for the flavor, but getting a flower from a food truck is a serious elevation to street food. I also ordered the mac salad because it was on special for only $1. I have to say, that’s quite the deal. I don’t think that needed the drizzle of sweet sauce on top, but otherwise, it was a really good Hawaiian macaroni salad.

There were a few other trucks in the lot that looked quite yummy and the overall vibe is nice and fun. And there’s no need to fear poké from a food truck in the middle of a landlocked city. I can attest that this was great. And it’s also possible to get a fabulous cocktail in the middle of a parking lot. Surprises all around.