Bar Pisellino

A bar from the same people behind Via Carota? Yes please. I’d been meaning to check out Bar Pisellino, but my first stop was not as I had intended. Instead of going with purpose and sampling the cocktails with a refined palette, I stumbled in for a quick shot while we waited in line at Marie’s Crisis. There were four of us so to pass the time, we ran across the street for a super quick drink in groups of two. I had no idea I was inside a place that had been on my list.

While I may have been on the drunk side, I was able to recognize that this place was good. The focus here is on the drinks, not the food. The focus is also on that classic European experience. There are few tables, encouraging patrons to lean against the marble counter or sip on the sidewalk.

The decor itself is very old world. From the triangular shape of the space to the small tile floors, this felt a bit like stepping back in time.

The bartender concocted something green, fresh, herbaceous, and tasty to sip on. It was a lovely little cocktail. I also spied some very yummy looking sandwiches that would have made a perfect snack.

In the summertime, a leisurely drink at a bistro table on a West Village sidewalk just sounds so dreamy, doesn’t it? That’s what Bar Pisellino’s here for.