3 on Thursday

This weekend included a ton of time spent outside. As the summer quickly approaches its end, I’m happy to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Literally every meal was consumed on a patio this weekend, and I spent all of Sunday afternoon in Central Park. In other soaking-up-the-last-of-summer news, in just a few hours I’ll be heading on vacation and can’t wait.

A group of us met up at EZE’s late Friday afternoon to hang out on her patio. We played Kings for the first time in yearsss as well as some other drinking games before heading to Marie’s Crisis for a late night singalong sesh. We never really ate dinner though so I was hurting allll day Saturday.

I finally got my life together around 4 pm on Saturday and headed to Kathleen’s to hang with her and Alison while the boys had their fantasy draft. Kathleen prepared the most lovely meal that we ate on their patio before getting cozy on the couch with a movie. Draft day is usually super rowdy (both for the guys and the wives/girlfriends who take the opportunity to have their own party), but this year was tame. Blame it on the fact that Kathleen is pregnant and we’re all getting older, but after my Friday night, I needed tame. Can we talk about these place settings?! This is just my style and I will likely copy Kat’s look in the near future.

My beau and I pulled together quite the spread on Sunday night. We needed to use up some brats before they went bad, and I took that as an opportunity to pull together a very summery meal. In addition to brats on the grill, we had tomatoes with burrata, a big beautiful salad, and olives, and potato salad. It was a feast! We ate it outside under the stars with a nice little breeze. It was a great way to close out the weekend.